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Welcome to AV/GRAFIX

We are a premier custom graphics, placard and decal designer/manufacturer specializing in the aviation industry.  

We are ready and eager to work with you on solving your unique graphic problems on your Homebuilt, Ultralight, Restoration or Warbird.  We also make custom Aluminum and Steel Placards and Data Tags.

AV/GRAFIX has helped antique restorers with many projects such as re-creating Logos, Original Placards & Markings - Including Chemical Etch & Fill process.

IMPORTED AIRCRAFT - AV/GRAFIX has helped importers and restorers to re-create cockpit markings and placards by converting foreign language placards into English for certification requirements. We can make English placards for many foreign aircraft such as:
• Pilatus • Sukhoi • YAK• Antonov • MIG and MORE!
We can translate to english or from English to virtually ANY Written Language!

Scroll down to see some examples of our past work.
View our full inventory by downloading our catalog!